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Licensed and Certified Canine Behavioural trainer and hydrotherapist

about rogue paws


Izzie started Rogue Paws after attaining her FdSc in Canine Training and behaviour, and continuing to do the Bsc (Hons) in Canine training and behaviour at Bishop Burton College. Rogues Paws started because Izzie wanted to help other dog owners with their training and behaviour issues. She actively volunteers for English Springer Spaniel Welfare among other rescues and was a coordinator for a while before stepping down to concentrate on her Degree.

Meet izzie

When not studying Izzie looks at the various courses available to help continue her knowledge, and is currently doing the Learning about Dogs Cap courses. (www.learningaboutdogs.co.uk) and is looking to do the KCAI scheme along with attaining membership with various governing bodies.

‘I have grown up with dogs, mostly being spaniels, so now I am a spaniel addict! I currently have 2 spaniels, 1 English springer spaniel, Jesta and a Clumber spaniel, Livia and have fostered a number of spaniels from 16 weeks to 8 yrs. I love nothing more than watching a dog progress through their training and show that they can learn ‘

Meet the rogues

    The idea behind the name Rogue Paws is due to my dogs being affectionately known as the Rogues.





    Jess is an English Springer Spaniel, she was the first dog that is mine rather than the family dog. Jess has undertaken a number of disciplines as I worked my way through college including agility, gun-dog and obedience. She adores working with the clicker and is the first one there ready and waiting when the clicker comes out.



    Livia is my first clumber spaniel, I fell in love with the breed, after helping out with Clumber Rescue. Livia is the first of the rogues to be trained with the clicker from a pup. Livia is shown and has gained a few places, since she was 6 months old, in 2011 she got a 1st place at Crufts in her class, which is an amazing achievement! Livia is currently being trained for gun-dog and blood tracking as well as being a stooge dog working with dogs.



    Trixie (English springer spaniel) is the family dog, who has been trained in competitive obedience, she has gained her bronze and silver Good Citizens and did do some agility, but due to her age and arthritis she is retired from agility but still does light obedience and clicker work to keep her brain going. While she is over 9yrs old, she certainly does not act it, and does a number of home checks with me as she proves that older dogs still have the same stamina and playfulness as a younger springer spaniel!

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