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Susie Lyus
Susie Lyus
Izzie has worked with a number of our dogs over the past 10 years. She’s given us really strong foundations and helped us redirect unwanted behaviours, mentally stimulate our dogs and work on building their confidence in a range of situations. I consider myself to be very “dog savvy” having owned many dogs over the years and having worked, bred and shown them. Izzie’s insights, at times made me feel like a novice again, and her Fresh eyes on established situations have been a complete game changer for us. The level of understanding she has and her unique way of unpicking situations and behaviours has transformed the way I train our dogs and given me the confidence to look outside the box for solutions. As our lives have changed Izzie has helped train our children alongside new puppies and ensure we have happy, confident and well adjusted dogs. I have been to many training classes over the years but the 1:1 sessions, training walks and analysis that Izzie has done with us have given me more tools and skills than any of the rest. Izzie didn’t teach my dogs to sit, walk to heel or not jump up. She taught me how to motivate my dogs to do what I want them to do, how to overcome future challenges on my own and how to break down trainable moments. Every few years I check in and book a few sessions with Izzie to refresh my knowledge and make use of her fresh take on situations. I have recommended Izzie to many of my friends and I know her clients include lifelong dog owners, breeders, dog show community and rescue charities.
kelly drake
kelly drake
If you are looking for a trainer I would 100% recommend… Izzy is approachable, friendly and knowledgeable and really helped us with our pup, we have made contact for different reasons with our boy and each time Izzy has got back speedily and booked in for 1-1 session… She doesn’t rush the training and everything is at the speed of the dog making sure everyone stays comfortable. I have shared her number with all my friends and without a shadow of a doubt recommend to anyone who was looking for a trainer and advice with their dog
Dan Wassell
Dan Wassell
Izzie is amazing - she really helped us with our new puppy, she established great behaviour baselines using click and command training. We contuine to work with her on further training, she is very knowledgeable and will adapt sessions to specific requirements.
Deborah Seago
Deborah Seago
Izzy is brilliant... so flexible yet firm! Our labrador puppy is coming on leaps and bounds. We've gone from wondering whatever possessed (!) us to thoroughly enjoying her now that we are clear on how to train her. Thanks Rogue Paws!


One day workshops for recall, loose lead walking and more! Keep an eye on the website for upcoming workshops!

One to One training:

One to one training is offered for everyone who want to train their dog before embarking on classes and for dogs who need as little distractions as possible to be able to learn. Training sessions includes; Loose lead walking, recall, clicker training, emergency stops and basic obedience.

These sessions are tailored to you and your dog’s requirements and can be booked as required or in block sessions.

Behaviour Sessions

Behaviour sessions are available for dogs who have behavioural problems including: Aggression, Resource guarding, Counter surfing, Separation anxiety, Noise anxiety and Chewing.


Rogue Paws only uses reward based training as a training method, we do not believe in using techniques such as alpha rolling, hitting the dog or the use of choke chains, as it has been proven to be detrimental to the dog’s wellbeing. Dogs will work for various rewards, by finding that particular reward whether it is treats, toys or just a fuss, we will use it to help you to keep your dog motivated.

By using Positive and measurable techniques, we can help you create a stronger bond with your dog.

Block Sessions are available, please contact me to discuss your requirements in the first instance.

Training Classes

coming soon!!!

Classes will have no more than 8 dogs per class, each session lasting 60 mins. Time will be allocated at the end of classes should you need to have a private chat.

Classes will include:

Puppy (Under 6 months)

Junior (6 months plus)

Beginners (1 yr upwards)



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